Oatley Senior Campus

Georges River College

Telephone02 8567 3700


Our staff

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed.

They build student capacity that engenders high expectations and autonomy and that facilitates problem solving, critical thinking and intellectual risk taking in a challenging environment. Our school administrative staff can answer your enquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Senior Executive


Mrs Anna Girginis

Deputy Principal - Year 11

Ms Kate McRae

Deputy Principal - Year 12     

Mr Scott MacKenzie

Head Teachers


Mr Grant Kennedy


Ms Sophie Ventouris


Mr David Kerwick


Ms Carly Rooney (Rel.)


Ms Angela Pryce


Ms Jennifer Donald

PDHPE / Languages

Mr Paul Xenikos

Vocational Education and Training

Ms Rebecca Jamieson

Special Education

Ms Priscilla Wille

Teaching and Learning / Learning Support

Ms Peta La Motte


Ms Jess Davies

Senior Psychologist Education 

Ms Leanne Roth

Year Advisers and support staff

Year 12 ANIMUS                                          

Ms Caron Baumgartner

Year 12 FORTIS                                             

Mr Nathan Compton

Year 12 MIRABILIS                                       

Mr Andrew France

Year 12 VIRTUS                                             

Ms Sally Pankhurst

Year 11 ANIMUS                                          

Ms Anastasia Galettis

Year 11 FORTIS                                             

Ms Mallory Flavell

Year 11 MIRABILIS                                       

Ms Stephanie Schenk

Year 11 VIRTUS                                             

Ms Rae Williams

School Counsellors                                      

Ms Maria Valsamakis          

Ms Sophie Moutia

Careers Adviser                                            

Ms Penny Morrison

Transition Adviser                                        

Ms Narelle Collins


Ms Caron Baumgartner

Technology Support Officer           

Mr Sobur Chowdhury

School Administration Manager    

Ms Sarah Harlow (Acting)