Oatley Senior Campus

Georges River College

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About our school

Georges River College is an exciting learning community with 4 years of specialist 7-10 education and welfare in the three middle schools, followed by 2 years of preparation for studying, living and working in a comprehensive learning environment at GRC Oatley Senior Campus. Our Senior Campus is co-educational and collegiate, providing a transition between school and university, TAFE or work in an atmosphere appropriate to the personal and social developmental needs of older adolescents.

GRC Oatley Senior Campus specialises in HSC learning and maximises post school opportunities for all students. Oatley Senior Campus fosters:

  • fosters a positive adult relationship between staff and students
  • encourages respect for others
  • emphasises self-development, self-motivation and self-discipline.

Individual worth, character education, work ethic and social values are given the highest priority. GRC Oatley Senior Campus is known for its strong academic achievement and professional, vibrant education based on modern teaching and learning methodologies, in a stimulating and challenging educational environments where young people fulfil potential and future ambitions.

Shoot for the moon because, if you miss, you will end up among the stars.

At GRC Oatley Senior Campus , we talk a great deal about stars, and how the stars on the GRC logo represent our students - our stars. Everything we do is aimed at enhancing their education, school experience and futures. We invite you to explore our website to discover some of the opportunities provided at this school for young people in their last two years of schooling.

Students at GRC Oatley:

  • Take responsibility for their own learning and contribute to the learning of others;
  • Are happy and motivated;
  • Are inquiring, organised, cooperative and enthusiastic;
  • Understand how they learn;
  • Employ problem solving and critical thinking skills, are collaborative and technologically competent;
  • Are unafraid to seek assistance, are able to deal with setbacks and learn from their mistakes;
  • Have effective communication skills;
  • Test the limits of their ability and achieve their potential.

Teachers at GRC Oatley:                                                                                                                   

  • Create a learning environment which is safe, enjoyable, unthreatening, stimulating and motivating;
  • Are enthusiastic about student learning and welfare;
  • Aspire to best practice;
  • Teach to individual learning needs and learning styles;
  • Have high expectations of their students;
  • Are facilitative. They provide a core of knowledge and a suite of skills and model lifelong learning;
  • Reflect on their practice and seek ongoing professional growth;
  • Assist students to identify goals, develop organisational skills and maintain motivation.

Ethical Principles:                             

  • Everything is judged by its impact on student outcomes.
  • We address the action, not the person.
  • People are more important than things.
  • The good of the group is more important than the good of one or a few.
  • We practise respect and tolerance for others and have a sense of social responsibility.