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About the SRC


The Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus SRC has the following organisational structure:




Head Teacher Administration

SRC Coordinator

SRC Executive

SRC President

SRC Vice President

SRC Secretary

SRC Treasurer


School Captain (Female)

School Captain (Male)

School Vice Captain (Female)

School Vice Captain (Male)

Year 11 Council

16 Members

Year 12 Council

16 Members (including Executive/Captains)



The SRC is comprised of 32 members, 16 from Year 12, and 16 from Year 11.  Year 12 members are elected in September and serve until the end of Term 3 Year 12. Once elected to the SRC, Year 12 members may run for the executive positions such as School Captains, SRC President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Year 11 members are elected in February and serve until the end of Term 3 Year 11. The SRC is overseen by the SRC Coordinator, a member of teaching staff.




GRC Oatley's SRC was created in 2001, the foundation year of Oatley Senior Campus.  The Constitution was signed into effect on the 1st of April, 2001. The first SRC members were drawn from Year 11 2001 and formed a temporary council until a full council could be formed the next year. The SRC's constitution was revised in 2004, and remains in this state today. The SRC will celebrated its 10th year of operation with a review of the Constitution in late 2010.




The SRC has a constitution by which all members swear to uphold and exercise their duties in the best interests of the SRC and the school. The SRC President has the responsibility of ensuring that all members and actions of the SRC comply with the bylaws of the constitutions. All SRC members sign the SRC Register to acknowledge their duties and responsibilities of the SRC and the school. It is expected that the constitution will be revised during 2010.


Sydney Region SRC and State Council


GRC Oatley SRC is involved in the Sydney Region Student Representative Council, and endeavours to send representatives to the local regional meetings each term. From time to time, GRC Oatley SRC members may have the opportunity to work with the NSW SRC State Council.


Contact the SRC

Got an idea?  A suggestion?  Want to make your voice heard? See one of your SRC members around school - look for the badge. 

Mailing Address  Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus, Student Representative Council, PO Box 288, OATLEY   NSW   2223

Phone: +61 2 8567 3700 Fax: +61 2 8567 3718 Email: narelle.straney@det.nsw.edu.au

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