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e-P & C

GRC Oatley Senior Campus has an e-P&C model in place.

What is an e-P&C?

The principal will email issues, as they arise, to seek parent advice. Replies are to an online forum open to those in the e-P&C. Parents on the e-P&C list are not obliged to respond to every issue. In 2012, there were over 60 members registered on the e-P&C.

The e-P&C will be advertised each year to parents in the holiday mail out and through our newsletters and at parent events.

Volunteers will be called from the e-P&C to take on the roles of President and Vice President.

Issues for consultation

Issues arise throughout the year. However, at least once a term the e-P&C will need to review income from school fee donations and allocate this progressively to the designated school projects that are listed in the annual budget. The e-P&C will also provide parents for interview panels and the Out-of College Enrolment Panel.

Want to be Involved?

Parents who are interested in being involved in the e-P&C can submit their request via email to the school. 

When you no longer want to be a member of the e-P&C, you can request to unsubscribe.