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Society and Culture

Society and Culture

Society and Culture is an academic,  conceptually based course that promotes students awareness of the cultural continuities and change within societies and cultures. It provides students with the skills to critically analyse complementary and contrasting viewpoints about people, societies, cultures and environments across time. Society and Culture also promotes awareness of the nature of power, technology and facilitates inter-cultural understanding.

Students must complete a Personal Interest Project which is worth 40% of HSC assessment and requires students to conduct  a variety of research methodologies. Students should have skills in planning a research task, devising research methods, applying, collating and analysing data, which is then to be presented as a 5000 word thesis.


Preliminary Course

The Social and Cultural World

Personal and Social Identity

Inter-cultural Communication


HSC Course

Personal Interest Project

Social and Cultural Continuity and Change

Popular Culture

Equality and Difference