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Examinations are an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the concepts and outcomes of the course. They provide students an opportunity to practice applying their knowledge and skills to examination questions and to prepare themselves for stress of the HSC exams.


At GRC Oatley Senior Campus, the examination rules are designed to ensure fairness and equity for all students. Students must present for each timetabled examination for the courses they are enrolled in. If a student is unable to present for an examination due to illness or misadventure, they must call the school to advise that they are unable to attend the exam. They must also see Ms Gemisi, the Head Teacher Administration, when they are able to return to school and arrange for a Deferred Examination, providing evidence (as per the GRC Assessment Policy) of the reason for not being able to complete the original examination. Any Deferred Examination must be completed within the scheduled examination period.


In 2018, the Trial HSC Examinations are scheduled in Term 3 from Monday 13th August through to Tuesday  28th August 2018.  The Trial HSC Examination Timetable is available through the link below:


Year 12 2018 Trial HSC Exam Timetable


The rules and expectations for Trial HSC Examinations are also available - Trial HSC Exam Rules