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Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile phones are permitted on campus but must not be on in class or meetings. This is phone etiquette. Like all valuables your mobile phone is your responsibility.



  • Phones are to be on silent at all times during lessons
  • Students must not receive or send SMS or take/make calls during lessons
  • Phones used in class time may be confiscated and delivered to the Deputy Principals
  • No student should invade another person's privacy by taking photographs without their permission
  • Taking photos without permission can lead to suspension
  • Students must not send intimidating or unpleasant messages. This can lead to suspension
  • Students who bring a phone to school must take responsibility for it
  • Mobile phones are not to be with a student in an examination - this includes in their pocket. Phones left in a student's bag at the back of the exam room should be off in order not to interrupt the examination.
  • Board of Studies rules state that no mobile phones are permitted in the HSC examination room.